Scope of work for Social Media Creatives for Facebook (Annual Retainership) for Business Owners:


The primary objective of this scope of work is to design and deliver a consistent stream of engaging and visually appealing social media creatives for your business’s Facebook presence. These creatives are vital for building brand recognition, engaging with your target audience, and conveying your marketing messages effectively. This scope of work outlines the tasks and deliverables involved in the annual retainer for social media creatives.

  1. Initial Consultation:

    • Needs Assessment: We will begin with a detailed discussion to understand your business goals, target audience, and specific requirements for social media creatives.

  2. Content Strategy:

    • Content Calendar: We will create a content calendar outlining the types of creatives to be designed, posting schedules, and themes aligned with your brand and marketing objectives.

    3.Content Delivery:

    • Content Creation: Our design team will develop a variety of social media creatives, including images, graphics, videos, and infographics, according to the content calendar.
    • Branding: The creatives will incorporate your brand elements, such as logos, color schemes, and typography.


  3. Content Types:
    • The social media creatives may include posts for various content types, such as product promotions, informative articles, event announcements, customer testimonials, and more.

  4.  Promotion Graphics:

    • If required, we can design graphics for specific promotions, campaigns, or events that your business is running on Facebook.

  5.  Interaction Enhancement:
    • Some creatives may be designed to encourage interaction, such as polls, quizzes, or Q&A sessions, to increase audience engagement.


  6. Occasional Graphics:
    • Special occasion creatives for holidays, seasons, or events, as applicable, can be designed to maintain a fresh and relevant social media presence.
  7.  File Formats:
    You will receive the social media creatives in suitable formats for posting on Facebook, including image files, video files, and graphics suitable for various media placements.
  8. Ownership and Copyright:
    • Upon completion and payment, you will have full ownership and usage rights of the social media creatives.
  9. Consultation and Recommendations:
    Client Meetings: We will schedule regular meetings to discuss the performance of social media creatives and make any necessary adjustments.
  10. Project Timeline:
    The timeline for this project will be discussed and agreed upon during the initial consultation.
    By the completion of this scope of work, you will have a consistent stream of engaging and visually appealing social media creatives that align with your brand identity and marketing goals. We are dedicated to enhancing your Facebook presence, engaging with your audience, and conveying your marketing messages effectively through creative and strategic content.